New Marimekko Throw Pillows

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Pillows are a great home decor tool, because they can instantly and effortlessly transform the mood of a room. I was thrilled to see that we got in a plethora of new pillows for the spring collection in a healthy variety of bold colors and graphic prints. The best part? Some are made specifically for outdoor use, meaning you can cozy up your patio or porch for the warm weather ahead. Hello summer soirees! Check out the goodies below.


1. Marimekko Unikko Red/White/Green Outdoor Throw Pillow – $69

2. Marimekko Joonas Yellow/Orange Outdoor Throw Pillow – $69

3. Marimekko Geranium White/Yellow Throw Pillow – $48

4. Marimekko Unikko Black/White/Green Outdoor Throw Pillow – $69

5. Marimekko Cocktail Grey/Blue/Mustard Throw Pillow – $48

6. Marimekko Cocktail Ecru/Multi Throw Pillow – $48

7. Marimekko Oliivi Multicolor Throw Pillow – $48

8. Marimekko Geranium White/Black Throw Pillow – $48

9. Marimekko Circus Multicolor Throw Pillow – $48

10. Marimekko Onnea Etsimässä White/Black Throw Pillow – $48

Which is your favorite? Let us know below!



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