Sex and The City Movie – Marimekko Curtains


Marimekko Curtains

*Spoiler Alert* – Some movie details below!

Near the end of the new Sex and the City film, Carrie Bradshaw has moved back in to her old apartment. The neutral-colored rooms have been brightened up with blue paint and re-decorated with Marimekko’s black and white Aarre pattern curtains. There are a few different angles shown of the Aarre curtains, all framing scenes when the characters Carrie and Louise are talking in the apartment. Let us know if you saw them and what you think! Interested in making your own Marimekko curtains? – Sue


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  1. francesca

    06/03/2008, 08:57 pm

    you might want to put a spoiler alert at the beginning of this post.
    i haven’t seen the movie yet, and i’m a little disappointed.

  2. Patty/MODKID

    06/04/2008, 04:05 pm

    Yup, that is a bit of a spoiler up there. LOL! Saw the movie last night and did see the Marimekko curtains but they were not too discernible. If I hadn’t read this first I probably would have missed them all together cause I was too captivated by the fashions. Good flick!

  3. patrick

    06/19/2008, 01:17 am

    i noticed that Sex and the City has a polarizing effect on both men and women… people either love the movie or they hate it

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