Marimekko Shopping at H&M

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Marimekko HM Dresses
Thank you to Anna for sharing her trip to h&m with us:

I went to the Mall of America on Friday, April 11, the opening day of the Marimekko collection at h&m. The bright colors of Marimekko were located front and center in the store. No men’s clothes in sight, and far less of the women’s line than I had seen at However, everything I was interested in was luckily to be found.

I tried on all the t-shirt styles and short dresses. I had been expecting the clothes to be billowy and not form-fitted based on the pictures I had seen, but it was still surprising to try on a baggy XS shirt. The purses were cute, as were the sarong/scarves.

I ended up buying the black and white Joonas mini-dress, which has 3 buttons up the back of the dress that give it extra character. It looks so 1960s and I got so many compliments on it already. A close runner-up was the orange and pink dress. I choose the black and white one instead because it fit a bit better, but I would have gotten both if I had had the money! I’m planning on going back and getting one of the bathing suits too.

Even though there wasn’t as much choice as there could have been, I was not disappointed. Not sure if they’ll be getting other styles or menswear later on, but I would highly recommend stopping at h&m to check it out anyways!



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