Marimekko Wall Hangings – How-to Guide


Marimekko fabrics are considered by many as artwork. So, how do you bring this “art” into your home? One great way is to create wall hangings. Using fabric as wall art is an inexpensive way to create large pieces to decorate your walls.

Below is a step-by-step guide showing you how to create your very own wall hangings from Marimekko fabric.

What you need to get started:

Wall Hanging Supplies


Step #1: Frame Assembly

Slide the notched ends of the stretcher bars into place to make each corner a tight 90 degree angle. Use a hammer to tap the corners into place. You may use wood glue or multi-purpose glue if desired to further secure your frame. 

Step #2: Fabric Preparation

Iron folds or creases on the fabric’s reverse side. Use as low of a temperature setting as possible if your fabric has a metallic sheen. (Test the iron temperature on an unseen portion of the fabric.)Lay the fabric face down on a table and place the assembled frame on it to center the pattern as you choose. Cut off excess fabric at this point, keeping an extra 2 inches of extra fabric on each side of the frame.

Wall Hanging Prep

Step #3: Stapling

Start at the center of each side, stapling in 4 or 5 inch sections at a time. Pull/stretch the fabric quite tightly when stapling. (We recommend folding the fabric under so that you will staple through two layers of fabric. Since you have allowed 2 inches of fabric on each side of the frame you have enough fabric to create this fold-under.)Space staples about 2 inches apart, working your way toward the corners.

If you notice that your fabric is too loose, carefully pry staples free with a flat-head screwdriver. Re-staple, pulling more tightly.

Wall Art Stapling
Wall Hanging

Step #4: Corners

We recommend cutting off the fabric corners’ tips so you will have less material to staple through. Fold the fabric “hospital corner” style with a tight triangular fold to create a flat and unpronounced edge of fabric. Staple to secure.Corners can be difficult if you have never done them before, but remember that the goal is to make it look good from the front and sides. It will not matter what the wall hanging looks like on the side that will face the wall.

Marimekko Wall Art
Marimekko Wall Hanging

Step #5: Finishing Touches

Hammer in any staples that didn’t sink deep enough into the wood.Screw in the eye hooks about 1/3 of the way from the frame’s top, one on each side. Cut wire slightly longer than the width of the frame. Attach wire to hooks by looping the wire ends through the hooks once or twice and then by twisting the wire together.

Make sure that the wire is not visible above the frame.

Consider mounting your finished wall hanging on two nails rather than one. It will be easier to straighten when it’s on the wall.

Good luck! We’d love to see how your project turned out. Let us know.


18 Responses

  1. SallyF

    03/19/2008, 09:17 am

    I LOVE fabric wall hangings (and esp in Marimekko fabric!) However I always struggle getting a perfect corner so am going to pay very close attention to that bit.

    one other tip I could add – I always cheat and buy a cheap blank canvas to start with, then just mount my fabric on top of it, instead of making the frame myself… shhhhhh!

  2. Sue

    03/20/2008, 06:33 pm

    Good tip, Sally. A bonus of buying a blank framed canvas is that you won’t have the problem of seeing the frame through a light-colored fabric.

  3. femmme

    04/10/2008, 04:10 pm

    I did this already. With Marimekko fabric. I need to post my pics, it’s Marimekko too and looks great!:)

  4. ModMod

    05/12/2009, 12:34 pm

    Hi! The best way is to first try a fabric spot cleaner (such as Scotchguard:

    Follow the instructions provided with the cleaner and make sure it is suitable for the type of fabric you have.

    As a last resort, you could remove the staples and wash the fabric – wash in hot if Marimekko – but keep in mind that the fabric will likely shrink some, so you will need to make sure you have enough excess to account for this.

  5. Lyn Lacy

    08/13/2009, 04:58 pm

    I have two old framed Marimekko wall fabrics from the 1970s I’d like to sell. Does anyone know how rare they are and how much they are worth?

  6. ModMod

    08/13/2009, 05:17 pm

    Hi Lyne- thanks for visiting our blog. It’s hard to give you even a ballpark range since there are many things that will factor into the value: size, condition, the pattern, etc…. your best bet is to look on Ebay for new or expired listings.

  7. Lee Dooley

    05/30/2016, 11:19 am

    My beautiful Marimekko wall hangings bring me daily joy.I wake up every morning to the exquisite
    colors and designs.Everyone should be so lucky to have this wonderful art work hanging on their

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