Marimekko Curtains – How-to Guide!


Marimekko Curtains

An easy and quick way to add a facelift to any room! Creating curtains out of Marimekko fabric can change the entire look and feel of your room — and it’s easy too. Below we have instructions outlining how you can create your very own curtains using Marimekko fabric.

Marimekko offers a wide variety of fabrics from bold and colorful (that will certainly draw more attention to your windows) to simple and subtle (that will draw more focus back into your room). Careful consider what you want to accomplish when choosing your fabric.

Getting started…

  1. You will need: fabric, measuring tape, pins, sewing machine and thread.
  2. Buying the appropriate amount of fabric is the key to making your curtains look great. Skimping on length can cause disastrous or awkward results, giving your window treatment a sorry appearance. To prevent this problem, it is generally recommended that you buy at least a foot beyond the length needed to cover the window. Of course, if you are making floor length curtains, the same rule applies. However, you may want to provide even more salvage if you are planning on having an especially wide seam.
  3. To make basic curtains, all you need is fabric and a sewing machine. Make sure you have found thread that matches the fabric you are using so it does not distract from the pattern.
  4. Fold over the top of the fabric, leaving sufficient space for the curtain rod. Sew a seam along the edge, making sure the seaming is even. If you are still unsure how long you want your curtains to be, now is a good time to hang them and try out various lengths. When you have made your decision, mark the point at which you want the seam and sew accordingly. Now all you have to do is hang your curtains and enjoy the view.

Another twist: For those more adept at sewing, you can make eyeholes along the top of the curtain and string ribbon or small ropes of fabric through the holes to create more interesting rungs.

More information on Marimekko curtains can be found at our website.


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  1. Susan

    02/14/2008, 03:54 pm

    A really agree with the post. Curtains can change the atmosphere of the room. Colourful fabrics can make the room more cosy. But sometimes it is hard to see where is the limit which divide the modern look of the room and a not so nice look. But it depends on the owner…

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